Meyasu / Affiliated's Service Department is comprised of experienced, factory trained engineers and technicians.

The individuals in this group have all had the opportunity to test, install and operate all of the equipment we supply.

Because of this, Affiliated can provide an unparalleled level of expertise in on-site repair, parts installation, and troubleshooting.

In addition to this we can offer maintenance and operational training programs that will allow you to achieve greater levels of productivity and cost efficiency.

To schedule or inquire about services please contact us for:

* On site repair and parts installation
* Mechanical troubleshooting
* Electrical troubleshooting
* Maintenance Training
* Operational Training Seminars

Originally concentrating on the manufacturing of Auto Stamping Machines for the mass production of Mooncakes the company has added various other products utilised for food preparation.

The products and services we offer are of the highest quality and meet the stringent demands of reliabilty that the food industry demands.

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